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The Love & Iron project is a private community of individuals and organizations who possess a heart for reforming family law and ending parental alienation. Mothers, fathers, step-parents, alienated adult children, grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends  – All who support our mission are welcome!

We defend parents and children. We help each other succeed. We create change.

The Story Of Parental Alienation ​

Deadbeat parent or alienated parent?

Help us end the deceit and fix this terrible problem.  Learn about parental alienation abuse and how to spot the difference between a deadbeat parent and a targeted parent.

The Truth About
Family Court

Don’t make the fatal mistake of believing Family Court is about the best interests of children. Family Court is not actually about family at all.

Learn the truth here.

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Legacy Member Reversal Strategy Handbook

Need a plan for dealing with family court pathology or overcoming parental alienation?

Jump into our “Reversal Strategy For Targeted Parents & Family Members” handbook and create a powerful plan for you and your family.

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