Site Tips & Tricks:

Like any piece of software service, there are little tidbits of information, tools, and advice to help make your experience more enjoyable and productive.

This page represents a brief listing of answers to common questions as well as simple tips in general.

It’s a work in progress, and we’ll keep updating it as questions arise.

If you don’t find the issue you’re looking for on this page, post your question on our forums.

    • Profile Activity Feed:
      • By default, your activity page will only display your posts and activity (much like your Facebook wall). If you wish to know what your friends are up to, simply click the orange “friends” filter button in the white menu bar right above your activity page (the same holds true for groups, etc).

      • Group Forums:
        • For groups with forums enabled, there are two ways to post and respond to content. The first way is to simply make a post like you would in any group environment. The second way is to structure your post as a forum topic (topic – response format). You’ll find a forum button in the main menu of your group, and an advantage of posting this way is that your topic (providing the group is public) will be displayed and can be accessed on our public forums page. This can give your group a lot of exposure.