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You focus on your personal goals.  Leave the heavy lifting to us.

Our network has been designed to provide you with tools and resources to help you accomplish your goals, and do so in a way that utilizing them effortlessly and organically creates awareness of the societal issues we all care about.

If you care about parents and children, if you want a family atmosphere that takes care of its own, and if you want to push through obstacles and accomplish your goals, then this is the place for you!

>>>Important Announcement<<<

We’ve been around and active for nearly 10 years, but most of what you’ll see here incorporates a wide menu of new ways to help you.

As a part of this rollout of new tools and services, we’ve introduced two membership plans: (1) Free Guest Membership, and (2) Founding Members Lifetime Membership (premium). Founding Member Lifetime Memberships are a limited quantity offer, and after our quota for Founding Members is reached we’ll be modifying (aka increasing the price) of our premium membership features (Note: We’ll ALWAYS have a free guest membership option, so no worries if that’s more your speed…).

To learn more about how you can lock in all member benefits for a one-time lifetime membership purchase, please see the Founding Members offer under “Special Projects” below.


The Story Of Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is widely recognized by researchers, mental health professionals, and the medical community as a form of child abuse and family violence, and researchers estimate that within the U.S. alone, there are an estimated twenty-two million parents targeted with the behavior, and with ten million of those parents being completely erased from the lives of their children.

Help us end the deceit and fix this terrible problem. Learn to spot the difference between an alienated parent and a deadbeat parent.

Changing Family Law

Most people assume that good parents will be awarded 50/50 custody should the family separate.

This is generally not even remotely the case. Family law has been engineered to produce conflicts over child custody and marginalize one parent to a visitor for a few days a month because that’s where the money is made for both government and the family court industry. Parental alienation abuse and false allegations of abuse are tolerated (and all to often encouraged) because they’re a lucrative source of business to an entire industry that profits because they exist.


Alienated Adult Children:

The Message Box

Parental alienation is a real problem, and it’s never too late to discover the truth for yourself.

If an estranged parent has left a message for you in our message box, we’ll see that you get it so that you can decide for yourself what the next step should be. 

Furthermore, we’ll provide you with a free membership to all our services for one year and help connect you with additional support and resources so that can make the decisions that are best for you.

Legacy Membership

Making the decision to pursue the truth takes courage, a loving heart, and a desire seek what’s better.

Legacy Membership is available to adult children estranged from family members due to divorce or family conflict, and it’s purpose is to provide you with the honest support you need to make make sense of things.

Legacy members are awarded a 12-month, full network membership with on-going support at no charge.  In addition, and because one of the best ways to sort things out is to seek out those who are going through the same thing, we’ve set-up a hidden group specifically to help you and others get started in an environment that is confidential and supportive.

Guest Members:

Free Services To Registered Guests:

  • Posting Privileges on our Forums and Discussion Boards.
  • A limited social networking page.
  • Ability to join networking groups, including our Parental Alienation Support Network.

Member Resources Directory

We’ve built an on-line, searchable database of member-rated services and resources providers:

    • Groups & Pages Directory: List your Love and Iron Group projects here. Social Media and Group projects outside of the Love and Iron Project ecosystem are also welcome to list and promote their endeavors.
    • Legal: Lawyer, Family Investigators, Supervised Parenting Services
    • PA Support: Therapists, Counselors, Coaches, Groups
    • Political Action: Groups and Organizations working to reform family law in your area.
    • L&IP Business Network: Find member businesses, independent contractors, and free-lancers here.

There are really good professionals out there, but unfortunately, the the family court industry is also loaded with a collection of self-serving grifters who have no real interest in the welfare of you and your children.

We’re building a resource to help you find support and resources you can trust. Search existing listings or help our community by submitting listings for those you’ve worked with, recommend or don’t recommend.

Lastly, practitioners, service providers, businesses, organizations and groups are more than welcome to promote their efforts by submitting their own listings in the directory.

Love And Iron Project Reports & Updates

Not particularly interested in utilizing our social network site? That’s okay, it’s just another tool to help folks make the most of their membership, but it’s not required.

All members can choose to subscribe to our Member Reports where you can still support our efforts while keeping up to date and be advised of any new initiatives an opportunities we might have for you or someone you know.

Member reports not selling spam. They’re issued about every 6 months or so for sure, or as needed because something important needs to be relayed to members. They’re included with your membership, but also completely optional.

Network Members:

Social Networking Tools

If you want to take a break from toxic social media environments and enjoy checking in with your friends and family in peace, if you want to be a part of growing our support network, and if you a a productive environment to accomplish any project, then our Love and Iron Project social networking platform is for you:

    • Your own customizable networking page and friends list.
    • News feed and network activity stream.
    • Create and/or join specialized groups organized on a global, national, or local level.
    • Receive notifications when people interact with your content (forums, personal network, groups).
    • Schedule in-person and virtual events for personal networks and groups with our events tool.
    • A mini-project manager for both personal and group environments so that you can focus on your projects productively.
    • Private messaging/chat system.
    • Activity stream filters.
    • Upload media and create albums.
    • Work on your special projects, join hobby or interest groups, grow local PA support groups – whatever your want!

Message Holding

Parental Alienation cannot succeed without an on-going campaign of deceit orchestrated by narcissistic abusers who are enabled by family court judges and family investigators.

We’ve created a message box that erased parents can use to drop quick little time-stamped notes to their children anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, once you register one or more recipients, we’ll begin reaching out and encouraging them to visit our site, retrieve their messages, and consider paths for re-unification and healing.

We know alienating parents are going to lie, so we’ll help you stock-pile the truth. If we’re contacted, or if you’re contacted, we’ll forward these messages to your children to help with the process of providing the truth and healing your relationship.

Special Projects:

Parental Alienation Support Network

We’re on a mission to create and grow local PA support networks anywhere people want one to exist.

You can start be joining our Parental Alienation Support Super Group which is open to BOTH Guest Accounts and Network Members. Click the button below for a brief walk-through on how to become a guest or network member and join our parental alienation support network.

Champion''s Badge

Do you like solving puzzles?

Then you’ll love this one! Discover how to unlock the Champion’s Badge and have it permanently posted to your member profile.

The Champion’s badge can be awarded to both Guest Accounts and Network Members,  so who’s gonna be first to solve it?

Founding Members Private Group

We’ve been in the business of advocating for family law reform, combating parental alienation, and working for the welfare of parents and children for nearly ten years now, but still, the time has come to to take things up a notch. Well, we don’t think small, so we decided to take things up about 100 notches!

Most of everything you’re now seeing on our site is brand new: the forums, the personal networking page, the group’s network, the Message Box, the searchable online directories of lawyers, therapists, counselors, and coaches; and, our member’s professional directory.

And all of it intended to offer you an environment with a set of tools to help you accomplish your goals, not matter what they may be.

But we’re just getting started with these entirely new tools and approaches, and there is still a lot of work to be done to make our even network better.

Membership in the Founding Members Private Group recognizes those members who have helped us kick-start our new services and invested in the success of the network by purchasing the special lifetime membership (P.S. It’s a one-time payment of $59 for the lifetime membership).

Coming Soon!

Member's Only Content

Create a systematic plan to overcome PA and the marginalization of your role in the lives of your children.

Life is not supposed to be about existing in survival mode, it should be about living it to the fullest, taking on challenges, and enjoying the journey.

We’re building a strategy notebook to help you do just that, and it will only be accessible to network members.

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