Member Updates: Searchable Resources Directory

Awesome News!

We’ve completed the install of our on-line and searchable Member Resources directories.

There are currently four directories, and we’ll probably end up with a total of six or seven. The directories up and running now are:

    • LIAP Business Network: If you’re running a business or if you’re interested in picking up some free-lance income, you can post your listing here (legal professional listings can be posted in the “Legal” Directory”.

    • Legal Directory: Search lawyers, family investigators, supervised parting services, paralegals, and private investigators/locating-persons professionals.

    • PA Support Directory: Search licensed PA therapists, counselors, coaches, and support groups. 

    • Political Action Directory: Search for political action groups and organizations looking to reform in your area.

To locate the directories, head to the main menu -> Directories -> Resource directories.

Next use the search filter to enter your search criteria:

This will return a list that meets your search criteria.

Click the name and the database will pull-up the contact information and reviews section:


The database needs to be populated in order for it to help people.

Why not get a little justice? It takes less than a minute start to finish to submit a listing of your own.

Did you’re lawyer do a great job or did they string you along?

When you submit a listing, you’re not only helping yourself, you’re rewarding the subject of the listing if they did a good job for you, and most importantly, you’re helping someone else avoid getting suckered.

As already noted, submitting a listing takes less than a minute: Main Menu -> Resource Directories -> Submit A Listing (As an alternative, you can also use the “Submit A Listing” widget on the rhs of the page).

Choose the relevant directory:

This will bring up the following extremely short form (typically only 6 -8 fields). Complete it, click save and preview, add you’re review and rating, and you’re done – You’re listing is up to help everyone!

A Quick Note About Business and Free-Lancer Listings:

If you’re interested in posting a listing for a business or free-lance offer in the LIAP Business Network Directory, we’ve allowed for a very customizable listing. It’s still a fast and easy process, but you can really customize how your listing looks and the information it offers. 

***If you have any additional questions, please post them in the forums!****