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Thank you for “Liking” our page Parenting Rights Of Fathers. My name is Jon Dupree, the founder.
I began this page in hopes of getting support from not just our local community, but support from communities nation wide.
It’s my hope that other fathers dealing with unfair and un-equal treatment in Family Court can stand together and change family laws so we have equal and fair rights with respect to our children.
This is not an attempt to take rights away from mothers or fathers, but a way to allow both biological parents to have equal parenting rights.
My daughter was taken to Minnesota by her mother in 2009 due to the law stating, in simple terms, that if you’re not married and have children, the child must remain with the mother.
I’ve been legitimized as the father, but my daughter was taken to Minnesota while I was at work, and due to her being with her mother, there was nothing I could do to get my her back.
I’ve been told by lawyers that the law states that my child must remain with her mother because it obvious she gave birth and I did not.
This is not fair to fathers or children.
It’s obvious that women can not get pregnant without men, and therefore when DNA validation and acknowledgment has been established, whether married or not, both the mother and father should have equal rights.
My goal is to gain support to remove the laws that do not give equal and fair treatment to both parents; regardless of whether or not they’re married. My daughter’s mother and I remain civil with each other and remain in touch, and thankfully, and I do talk to my daughter often.
However because my daughter was taken without my knowing or even having a say in her going to Minnesota, I have not been able to afford to visit my her, and her mother will not allow her to visit me for fear that I will seek custody when I have possession of her.
Now because it has been over 2 yrs since I’ve last seen my daughter, I’ve been told I would need to have a court-appointed counselor bring my daughter and I together physically prior to me seeing her as father and child.
My daughter knows who I am and that’s what keeps me going to change these laws that are not fair or equal.
Thanks for your support and please help in gaining more support and ill do the same.

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