Locating and Creating Your Own Group(s)

Locating and Creating Your Own Groups

Searching for groups and creating them is also a simple and easy process!

Navigate to the main menu and select -> Group Directory.

This will bring up a search box as well as list of displayed groups that you can re-order using the filter.

Note: We’re currently working on a search tool that will allow you to search for groups on a very granular level – stay tuned!

If you see a group you want to join, click -> Join Group.

If it’s an open group, you’ll get right in. If it’s a private group, a moderator will need to approve your request and you may receive a message from them before hand.

Important: Private messages and chat are disabled for free memberships. Please be aware of this as it may or may not be a factor for you.

Want to create your own group for a special project?

That’s easy too!

Click -> Create Group (located above the group list display).

Name your group and fill in the description.

Important: the more details you provide about your group, the easier it will be for potential members to determine if it’s something they’re looking for.

Select your group’s settings:

Next, upload an avatar for your group.

Decide who you ant to be able to upload media albums:

Upload a cover image for your group:

Note that you can’t send out blind invites. Anyone you invite must be on your friend’s list.

Administrators set permissions on invites, so if all members are permitted to invite friends, the group will fill up.

Anyone can find your group and apply to join, however.

Lastly, you can publish a leader board that recognizes active members.

We don’t have any points deductions enabled at the moment, so the first two options will give you the same results.

Click -> Finish, and you’re done. You’re group is set up and ready to go!

In case, set it up however you want.

You can always go back and change the settings of your group.

This purple texture for the header just isn’t cutting it, so let’s replace it.

Click -> Manage.

Now, that’s much better!

As you can see from the screen shot, you can manage all your group’s settings from this area.