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Your Pathfinder's Key

This Legacy Key page is the nexus between relevant blog posts, course lessons, and your own planning notebook. It is an organizational tool designed to help you quickly find access to information that will help you gain knowledge, understanding and insights; and to help you solve any problems and overcome obstacles that surface as you work through your plans.


Skill: Transformation

Rule: If/When -> Then

The Big Five







Notebook Notation:

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Rules -> Skills:


( ) Decide What You Want

( ) Say “No” Often

( ) Harmonize

( ) Focus

( )Be Skeptical Of Appearances

( ) Find Common Ground

( ) Simplify, But Don’t Over-Simplify

( )

( ) Know When To Break The Rules


( ) Organization

( ) Rationing Power

( ) Executive Control

( )

( ) Empathy

( ) Reduction

( )

( )

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