Joining The Love and Iron Project

Becoming A Member Of The Love & Iron Project Network:

To sign up, head over to the main menu at the top of the page and click “Membership Plans”.

Select your desired plan (“Guest Account [free])” or “Network Member [premium])” and follow the registration instructions.

Note (1):

Once registered with either a Guest Account or a Network Membership, you can join our open and public groups at any time.

More instructions on how to find groups will follow, however if you wish to join our Parental Alienation Support Super Group, you can do so at any time by clicking here, or, by clicking on the purple lotus flower located on the right-hand side of the Forums (or underneath the forums if you’re on your phone),

Note (2):

  1. Your “Username” is a value you can use to log-in with. You can also log-in with your email.
  2. Your “Display Name” is how your activity will be identified on the forums and within the social network.
  3. The security settings for “First Name”, “Last Name” already have the default setting “Only Me”, which means no one other than you and the Love and Iron Staff can see that information.

You can change your security settings for all fields at any time.