Introduction To Membership

Introduction To Love and Iron Project Membership

Your membership to this site has three primary components:

(1) The Forums and Discussion Boards:

(2) Your personal profile and friends list:

(3) Your Groups:

Everyone who signs up (regardless of membership status) gets posting privileges on the forums and the automatic creation of a profile page. 

You’re not required to use either, but both are useful. The utility of the forums is that they are a source of credible information for both members and visitors.  A place where people can help and get help, and an evolving knowledge base in which folks can use the search feature to answer a question, and barring that, post their topic on the forums.

The profile page is where you can start to build your network. We’ll walk you through how to set it up, customize it, and grow your network of friends and colleagues. You can set it up whenever you like or ignore it and just use the forums. Totally up to you.

The third component, networking groups, need to be created. You can start your own or join others, and we have groups directory which we’ll show how to use.