Improvements To Member Search Feature

Check It Out, Peeps!

We’ve got a whole slew of new software and features improvements scheduled to be deployed over the next six to eight months, but one thing we wanted to make sure to have up and running is a more granular member search engine so that it’s easier for folks to find and connect with each other.

Well, that tool is now in place!

Go to “Directories” -> Members Directory.

Visitors, Guest Members, and Network Members can now search for members using the following additional criteria:

    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Display Name/Handle
    • City
    • Alienated/Erased Status
    • Messages Being Held For Family
    • Alienating or Custodial Parents Name
    • Children
    • Member Occupation
    • Member Skills and Experience
    • Members That Are Taking On New Work Or New Clients

For example, suppose you wanted to search for members using the following criteria:

  • State of NM
  • Status: Alienated Parent


Maybe you’re looking to find other alienated parents in your area for networking or support, there ya’ go. Send ’em a friend request and on you’re on your way!

Or maybe someone (perhaps and alienated child looking for parent, or someone else digging for truth) wants to search by the names of children or the alienating parent:

Running a business or looking for free lance income?

No problem, just fill-in or update those fields on your profile and people can use the search feature to find you.

As mentioned, we’ll be improving this tool for both individual members and groups in the near future, but you can use this tool now to connect with new folks and start building the network you want.

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