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      Welcome to the Love and Iron Project forums and discussion boards!

      The purpose here is to provide both members and visitors with a supportive social community where they ask questions, share experiences, knowledge, and advice; and most importantly, create new friendships and networks that can help each other in any number of ways.

      In the past we’ve relied heavily on social media to share information and offer support, however the social media environment is not well suited to these goals do to post visibility throttling and the fact that posts move through the news feeds and disappear.

      Our new forums are intended to correct those problems. Here, you can post your questions, read through the boards, and even use our search feature to hone in on the specific information you’re looking for. In addition to all that, we’re able to extend visibility into other other areas you may find helpful (see our “Bulletin Boards”, for example).

      You’ll notice that we’ve already set-up forum categories to help folks jump right in, but that doesn’t mean we’ve covered all the basis. In fact, we cherish your feedback and encourage you to share thoughts and ideas about forum categories and discussions you’d like to see incorporated into the site.

      In the mean time, don’t be bashful. Post your questions, share your article links, meet new people, offer your thoughts.

      Thanks again for stopping by. We’re glad you’re here 🙂

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