Over fifteen years and two abusers

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    • Macdaddyof9

      To anyone that might be on this forum. I’ve been going through PAS for over fifteen years. All of the trauma seems drama out linked here has happened and more. Unfortunately engen though there are great people and info available now, it’s still hopeless for these poor kids and alienated parents.


    • Dalton

      5 years for me as a targeted parent, and found this site while trying to better understand what happened to my relationship with my kids… Some solace in knowing I am not alone. I am sorry for your very surely difficult 15 years.

    • huckleberry

      You are most definitely not alone. In reality, in family court one parent is always targeted for marginalization, so the alienation is a matter of degree ranging from moderate to severe. It’s all abusive to both children and the targeted parent.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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