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      Our aim is to provide The Love and Iron Project members and visitors with an environment where they can feel comfortable expressing their views without fear of condescension or heavy-handed moderation. We understand that folks are passionate about family law reform, parental alienation, and the abuse of children and families, and as a result, discussions can become heated. Never the less, we encourage all members to be tolerant and respectful toward each other. In short, please don’t post anything here that you wouldn’t say to someone in person.

      Important: Many members of the Love and Iron Project as well as its visitors know what it feels like to be treated disrespectfully and/or subjected to abuse. Abusive behavior toward others, content that promotes violence or illegal activity, or offensive material (subject to staff discretion), or spam will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate and permanent ban from the forums and the social network.

      Here are the hard rules specifics:

      1) No profanity or abbreviations for profanity.

      2) No personal attacks, name-calling, hate-speech. This includes posts that were written with the intent to bash or be personally derogatory to a group member. No ad-hominem attack, libel, slander.

      3) No “Trolling”. Trolling is when a person tries to instigate conflict, hostility, or arguments in an on-line social community.

      4) Please no forum posts where the primary content is the discussion of religion. Members are however free to create and join religious-themed groups within our social network for those types of discussions.

      5) Please no forum posts where the primary content is conservative / liberal politics. Our forum is a bipartisan one, there are plenty of other political groups to post political comments and have political ( conservative / liberal) discussions. Members are free to create and form groups withing the social network for this purpose.

      6) Requests for monetary donations or business solicitations (for a group, cause, organization and/or individual) are not permitted on the forums. You are however more than welcome to make those appeals and promotions within our social networking groups (subject to the general rules described here, including discretion and/or approval from individual group moderators.)

      7) Posting from multiple accounts (“sock puppets”) is not allowed.

      8) No doxing. Do not share private information about other forum members without their permission.

      9) Forum, social network, and group content: All permissions and memberships are subject to Love and Iron Project staff and/or individual group moderator(s) discretion.

      10) Activities or content that promotes, encourages, or engages in illegal activity is not permitted.

      11) No content that promotes or encourages violence toward self or others.

      12) No pornography, offensively graphic, or similarly offensive content.

      13) No spamming is permitted on this site (unsolicited usually commercial messages (such as emails, text messages, or internet postings) sent to a large number of recipients or posted in a large number of places). We want to encourage our members to promote their businesses, project, and free lance work, however spamming the membership is not permitted. We have a wide and robust set of tools to help folks find each other, do not spam this site or its members.

      We reserve the right to edit or delete or move any post on the forum, social network, or groups without notification. We take no responsibility for anything posted on the forum, social network, or within groups. We reserve the right to suspend/ban any user at any time for any reason. All posts on the forum, social network or within groups should be considered the opinion of the author, and not necessarily that of the forum administrators, moderators, or the Love and Iron Project team.

      Users of the forum, social network, and social network groups also agree to the standard tools and rules:

      The providers (“we”, “us”, “our”) of the service provide by this site (“Service”) are not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts (“Content”). Content submitted expresses the views of the author only.

      You agree to the Love and Iron Project Forum rules.

      You agree not to use the Service to submit or link to any Content which is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, contains adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, risks, copyright infringements, encourages unlawful activity, or otherwise violates any laws.

      All content you submit or upload may be reviewed by staff members. All content you submit or upload may be sent to third party verification services (including, but not limited to spam prevention services). Do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential. This is a public forum for opinion and mutual support and users of this site should have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

      We reserve the rights to remove or modify any Content submitted for any reason without explanation. Requests for content to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at our discretion. We reserve the right to take action against any account with the Service at any time.

      This is a private membership site that provides advice, support, and resources for those experiencing parental alienation and who support family law reforms for the presumption of equal shared parenting for split families. There are plenty of other venues to debate the merits of these issues,  please do not register with this site if you do not agree with the values and goals this site promotes. We reserve the right to cancel registration, membership, and access to resources at any time and for any reason, including those individuals or accounts who we deem disruptive. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PURCHASED.

      You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or republish your content in connection with the service. You retain copyright over the content.

      These terms may be changed at any time without notice.

      If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.

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