Finding Friends and Building Your Network

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      Our site has tons of ways for you to form relationships and build a network. Here are the simplest ways to do it.

      >>Finding Friends & Groups Walk Through<<


      Use The Member Directory:

      Navigate: Main Menu -> Directories -> Members.

      You can search by name or handle, or you can use the advanced filter on the right hand side of the header to search by specific profile fields.

      For example, if you are looking for a plumber in Dayton, OH you can use the advanced filter to see if any members fit that criteria. Or, if you’re looking for all members in your area and beyond who are experiencing alienation, you can search by that criteria.  Basically, you can customize your member search to fit your needs.

      Utilize The Links On Your Profile Summary Page:
      We’ve built in a nifty little quick-and-dirty search tool that you can use to find folks that have shared interests with you. On your profile summary page, you’ll notice that the information fields you filled in (providing they are not marked as private) are also links. This will return all members who match that field. You can also can also click these links from the profile summary pages of other members, so if you’re looking for, say, a graphic designer, you can click that field on a member and it will return all members who are graphic designers.

      >>Go To Your Profile Summary Page<<


      Invite Friends Not In The Network:

      Navigate: Main Menu -> Activity -> More (activity navigation bar) -> Invitations.

      >>Go To Your Invite Others Page<<


      Utilize The Profile Information Links On Your Personal Profile Page.

      We also have a handy little feature built into your profile summary page. If you hover over green fields in your profile summary, you’ll notice that any you have not marked as “private” are links. Click these links and our website will automatically search for all other members who match that profile field.

      For example, if you filled out your Stand Up Registry, and you want to search other members who are targeted parents, you can click that link in your profile and our system will return all other members who match it.

      Navigate:  Main Menu -> Activity -> Info (located between the “Overview” and “Groups” tabs in your profile navigation).


      Join Groups:

      Navigate: Main Menu -> Directories -> Groups

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