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      My family has been living a nightmare for 7 years. My granddaughter was stuck with a non bio, abusive,
      drug addicted “father” having joint custody of her
      for 7 years Now a great aunt decides she wants her and the judge gives her to her……
      The police, DHR and family court has done a disjustice to my granddaughter.

      1. Daughter started dating man one month before she became pregnant
      with child. Daughter told me she was pregnant 4-1-2015. Daughter and man lived
      with me for a year while daughter was pregnant and they were both on drug court.
      Man was arrested for selling drugs to an undercover police officer. Daughter and
      Man moved in with me. Man worked nights, attended NA meetings, drug tested and
      attended drug court. We hardly ever saw Man. Man refused to pay rent.

      2. Man had good job was always laughing. Man worked as Chef at Gambino’s restaurant
      in Fairhope, AL. Man got in altercation with the owner’s brother and quit/fired. Told
      everyone he quit in order to spend more time with his daughter. Started working
      construction. Daughter and man moved out when
      child was almost a year old after daughter and my son got in a fight. Man was scared of my
      son. Man graduated drug court and started using
      again. Man became abusive with daughter. Police were called 4 times
      (mandatory reporters???) Me and my husband picked up daughter and
      granddaughter and brought them to our home after Man took baseball bat to
      Daughters car in front of child. Police never contacted DHR. Daughter had
      PTSD from being abused by man. Even after going to the police department they still
      would not press charges against man.

      3. Daughter signed custody over to me so we would not lose her to man. Man had
      an ex DA as his attorney. Man lied on stand and said he provided full support
      of child, was the biological father and that he had never beaten daughter. Man was awarded
      sole custody and Judge ordered daughter to pay child support. This was a stand in Judge
      somehow Man’s attorney managed to move hearing to a time when he could get this judge.
      We did not have an attorney because we thought there is no way we can’t win. Mans mother
      kept paying his legal fees. Now they are out of money also.
      I immediately hired an attorney and got joint custody. No
      DNA report was ever requested until 2 years later which came back that he
      was not the father but still he has joint custody. His name is not on the
      birth certificate nor was he married to my daughter.

      4. Man had girlfriend living with him against order of court. Child
      became attached to this girlfriend. Man beat girlfriend in front of child,
      at this point she is about 3 years old. I have girlfriends name and number.
      Girlfriend tried to press charges but she had immediately left town and drove to
      New Jersey after man beat her with a dog lease. Judge did not care about any
      breaking of court order. Neither him nor me was ever sanctioned in any
      way. I kept him away from her several times.

      5. My mother moved in with us because Adult Protective Services were called on my sister.
      Judy Johnson was assigned to her case in my county. Child told Judy Johnson/dhr that
      man beat daughter while she hid under the kitchen table with dog. Nothing…
      Mom has dementia.

      6. During all of this there was constant harassment and belittlement from
      him to me. Thousands of harassing text messages. Man is textbook narcissist.
      Me and man fought about everything. Man made it as hard as possible for me for 7 years.
      I have recordings and videos. Attorney said he can’t talk to you like that, call the police.
      I have filed at least 5 reports and nothing was ever done. Some of the reports were never filed.
      The magistrate in Gulf Shores was rude and refused to file charges. Finally after
      a text message calling me a fat, lazy, stupid C***. I Took it upon myself to
      file a protection order and it was granted. Somehow my attorney found out and
      showed up in court. Protection Order was signed 12/20/21. It was immediately broken. My attorney
      would not subpoena reports filed by Foley Police???

      7. DHR was called by me and Man several times. No report was ever made, nothing was ever
      done, the court was never notified. See Attached. I wrote Governor Ivey and got a letter stating
      she was forwarding case to DHR Montgomery. Nothing was done.

      8. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, the question of is the Man a confidential
      informant came up. No way to no for sure but he seems untouchable in Baldwin County.
      After the last drug arrest, he has not drug tested, and doesnt seem to be on any type of

      9. 2019 my husband is diagnosed with colon cancer. Man comes in our
      bedroom at 2 a.m. and tell us he considers us family and wants to move in with us?

      10. Man has never paid a dime of child support.

      11. Husband starts chemo, husbands sisters start coming around. Never have
      they met my granddaughter before 2019. Harassment continues, ugly text
      messages continue from man to me.

      12. My husband and I had constant fights about his sisters wanting to take granddaughter.
      Husband says I was being paranoid and they would never do that. A lot of this
      because we could not get rid of man and they thought they could.
      Man would interrogate child, and brainwash child. Change pickup times,not let me have her,
      Send her with no shoes, no pants, broken school tag, keep her security blanket
      from her. Have questionable people at the house. Keep her out late at night,
      take her to work with him and tell her to hid in the car, turn the CRO at her school
      against me. Make it seem like I was the crazy one. Leave her in the car with a gun.
      Take baths with her 3/7/21, telling her she is a liar, telling child he is lonely
      and she is his only friend, sleeping naked with child, staying in bed with child for days,
      leaving child with strangers, telling child she can’t do anything right. Tells me he is going to
      beat up my dying husband. You name it,he did it. DHR didn’t care and wouldn’t do anything
      because they can’t override judge.
      Judge did not care and obviously still doesn’t

      13. Fast forward to 2021 My Husband passes away June 2021. Man steps up
      harassment by coming and banging on my door calling me POS. Police were
      called, man was on camera, had two neighbors witness incident. Nothing
      happened. Just kept on and on with harassment. Sister in law came for a
      month in August apparently to spy on us. I had her set up at a neighbors house
      for two weeks. She destroyed the bedding, her dog smelled up the house. My neighbor
      was very upset. She wouldn’t pay the woman for staying there and I had to go clean her
      house. Neighbor uses it for vacation home. Sister in law goes all the way down Ft Morgan Rd,
      her dog dies, she calls me hysterical. I go down and help her with the dog.

      14 Had a court appointed GAL, sister in laws suggested it. That backfired horribly.
      Did not get the one I wanted. This woman dressed like a hippie and seemed to believe everything
      that came out of everyone’s mouth but mine. She seemed much more concerned about
      drama than the truth or the best interest of the child.

      15. Despite everything the granddaughter is healthy and happy. She is a beautiful
      smart, loving child who has been through enough. She has some serious
      abandonment issues. She is devasted by the death of her grandfather. She
      is very attached to me. I have been her only constant for 7 years plus her
      grandfather until he died. We haven’t had a moment of peace since he died. Granddaughter is loved
      by all. She has family and friends her that miss her. She has no one with sister in law.

      16. I spent 6 months keeping busy fixing my house up to sell after my husand died.
      By this time we are 20,000 into attorneys and nothing has changed. I decided to
      leave the county and come back home to my friends and family and get away from abusive man.

      17. This whole time since 2019 my Sister in laws were very concerned about
      child being with Man. But then SIL thinks she can reason
      with man and starts talking to him. She says she wants to pay him to go
      away. Tells my attorney this.

      18. Did not let granddaughter see Man again after man showed up at my
      house. Sold my house and moved north December 26th 2022. February 14, 2022 hearing Judge gave me
      Sole Custody but gives Man visitation once a month (child is in school)
      Judge makes me pay for everything, Still no child support. DHR said
      because he isn’t the father and is not on the birth certificate he does not
      have to pay. Sister in law shows up to testify for Man but turns on him as well
      as me.

      19. Man shows up at child’s new school and gets arrested and has school
      locked down. 2/9/22. Man has outstanding warrant in St. Clair County
      for failure to appear. The Sheriffs want him bad enough to go to
      Baldwin County and pick him up. Man is harassing St Clair County Sheriff’s Department also. Trying to
      report child missing, having them to do welfare checks. They finally quit coming.
      Now they call. I have officer Williams cell phone number
      as well.

      20. We do visitation for about 6 months then Man verbally attacks me
      again. So I stopped bringing her to him. I hurt my neck and said I
      couldn’t drive that far. He said he didn’t care and that I had many more
      years of bringing her to him. And starts cussing me and calling me a pos as

      21. Feb 15,2022 after judge gives me permission to move, Sister in law files for sole
      Custody of my Granddaughter. She tries to prove me
      unfit. DHR has never been involved. Her attorney took a year to provide
      service on three people involved. Status hearing after Status hearing were
      held, Then the status hearings started to get postponed. April 2023, May
      2023 Postponed. June 2023 the judge held an emergency hearing without me,
      daughter or man and gave custody of child to Sister in Law. Sister in law
      came to me with court order and took my granddaughter from my arms screaming
      and crying, both of us. Sister in law called my son that night because
      granddaughter was hysterical and she thought he could calm her down.
      Sister in law lived in California when she first filed, now supposedly she
      lives in New York.

      22. Granddaughter was making straight A’s in school and is in the 85%
      percentile for reading, she has friends, she is well adjusted and there is
      no reason for her to be removed from my home. She is happy, she has everything
      she wants, we go to the park, the zoo, birthday parties, festivals, the pool…
      She has a normal life. See attached house she grew up in 19090 Stout Lane…
      She has attended church camp.

      23. My granddaughter hardly knows this woman, she has not been in her life. She
      has never been married, has no children. She is some kind of social worker, ha. She
      has been living with her sister in California for the past 20 years.

      24. Now 25,000 I can’t keep spitting out money I don’t have. Dealing
      with man after my husband died I was not able to work. I have just started
      substitute teaching at me granddaughters school, which my granddaughter

      25. Help me, this child was literally ripped from my arms at a festival in the middle of the
      night and taken to a strange place where she doesn’t know anyone. This sister in law has different
      morals, different political and medical beliefs. She is a very cold person. It was pure evil
      the night of June 9, 2023, One day after the anniversary of my husbands death. I have 3 witnesses
      that say that night was pure evil. The looks on the sister’s faces was cold and hard.
      What kind of person could do this to a child. See attached friends account of what happened. There are
      3 sisters. I have seen my 7 year old granddaughter have 4 panic attacks in her short life One was
      that night. She has been going to a therapist until she was taken.

      25. New Attorney files motion to set aside on June 21st. Hearing set for July 18th, we
      show up for court and the hearing has been postponed???????? Other attorney
      threw out his hip and there was no one else that could represent him.
      Sister in law did not show up. We were not notified beforehand so I was
      charged another 600 from attorney.

      26. I can’t keep playing this horrible game I can’t win I need help.
      Please. I have documentation, I have text messages, I have pictures. I
      have run out of money so this Great Aunt just gets to keep my granddaughter
      who is attached to me. I have been her only constant in life and I feel
      like I have let her down. The pain is to much. What do I have to do to
      get attention and justice for my granddaughter? Why can’t everyone leave
      her alone?!

      The last thing my granddaughter said to me was, why does my life have to be so hard?

      None of my friends, neighbors, family can believe everything that has happened to us.
      Please help me share my story.

    • huckleberry

      I might have missed it, but, how old is your grand daughter now?

    • huckleberry

      Sorry, I forgot to ask this in my last post…..what state is all this taking place within?

      Edit: I’ve seen a reference to AL, but it’s unclear to me where all your legal actions are taking place.

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