Finding Friends and Groups

Searching For Friends and Groups

This process is also simple and easy!

There are basically four ways to find friends:

Head up to the main menu -> Members -> Member Directory.

Method #1 - Search Existing Members:

Head up to the main menu -> Members -> Member Directory.

Type the member’s display name, handle, or full name in the directory search field.

You can also use the advanced search filter on the far right to search by specific profile field information.

Now you can view their profile, send them a message, invite them to your friend’s network, etc.

A Quick Note On Messaging:

You have two ways to send messages.

“Private Messages” works similar to a chat box, and allows you to create a mini-thread with the target of the messages without going to the standard messages screen.

“Messages” is more like an internal email message. It will send you to the standard messages screen where you’ll have a subject line, etc.

Both will get your message to the recipient, just a matter of personal taste as to which you prefer.

Method #2: Invite Friends Not In The Network

Click the “More” menu hamburger on your pages header -> click “invitations”.

Just fill out the form by putting in the email address of an out-of-network friend, include a personal message and click send invitation.

As an alternative, you could also email the link to our membership page to as many friends as you want so they can learn what we’re about and follow the same process you did (this method will save you time and be more informative to your potential invites0.

Just open the page, copy the link in your browser, paste it into an email and fire it off to one or more of your friends with a personal note.


Method #3: Utilize the Links On Your Profile Summary Page

Navigate: Main Menu -> My Profile -> View Profile (orange tab, upper left).

You can click the green links on our profile summary to run a search of all other members matching a profile field.

For example, if you want to search all members in your city or town, simply click the link next to yours and our system will run a search for you.

Method #3: Create and Join Groups!

The best way to expand your network is to create and join groups because it’s the easiest way to meet new people who meet the characteristics of the network you’re building.

Searching for groups works exactly like searching for members, only this time, from the main menu ->  Members -> Group Directory

You can search for the group characteristics you’re looking for, and having done that, can request to join the group.

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