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FAQ and Site Documentation For Members And Curious Folks

What Is The Love And Iron Project?

The Love and Iron Project is a professional network of individuals and organizations working together to reform family law, end parental alienation, and defend parents and children.

Your Home Page

Upon registration, your personal network page will automatically be created for you.

Your membership account looks and works similar to a Facebook page, and you can use it like Facebook if you want, but that’s up to you. We don’t intend for our platform to be a replacement for you other social media accounts.  Rather, it’s meant to be a tool to help you connect with folks, stay up to date, and work on important projects. 

Your love and Iron Project Membership account will provide you with friend lists, personal and private messaging, the ability to join public and private groups, events posting and signs-up, and a personal activity stream where you can post updates and comment on friend and group posts.

Your Home (Activity) page can be accessed from the drop down menu originated from your avatar on the main menu, or by the clicking the notification icons located on the main menu appear when you log in.

Customizing Your Personal Profile

You can customize your profile with a personal avatar, and your Home (Activity) Page with a cover image.

Personal Profile Page Walk Through.

Profile Avatar:

Navigate: Main Menu -> My Profile -> Profile Avatar

Cover Image:

Navigate: Click the small carrot in the upper right hand corner of your Home Page Navigation bar -> Profile Settings -> Profile Avatar

Privacy Settings:

Navigate: Main Menu -> My Profile.

Your profile information will be listed on the left hand side of the page under Profile Settings. Adjust your settings as you see fit.

Email Notifications And Passwords:

Navigate: Main Menu -> MY Profile -> Account Settings.

Note: If you’re not planning on logging in much, it’s a good idea to leave email notifications for things like messages, friend requests, group invites, etc turned on so you’ll be notified is someone is trying to reach out or connect with you.

Finding Friends And Groups

There are lots of ways to find folks and groups. Here are the three simplest ways to do it.

Finding Friends & Groups Walk Through

Use The Member Directory:

Navigate: Main Menu -> Directories -> Members.

You can search by name or handle, or you can use the advanced filter on the right hand side of the header to search by specific profile fields.

For example, if you are looking for a plumber in Dayton, OH you can use the advanced filter to see if any members fit that criteria.

Invite Friends Not In The Network:

Navigate: Main Menu -> Activity -> More (activity navigation bar) -> Invitations.

Join Groups:

Navigate: Main Menu -> Directories -> Groups

Creating Groups

Creating Groups Walk Through

Navigate: Main Menu -> Account Drop Down -> Create A Group.

Then just follow the Group Set-Up Wizard and you’ve got your new group!


Individual Events

You can create, share, and register participants for events posted to your personal networking page:

Navigate: Members Panel -> Your Home Page -> “More” Sub Menu (Home Page Navigation Bar) -> Events -> Add Event

You can also search for events:

Navigation: Main Menu -> Events -> Add New -> Search Events

Events Walk Through

Group Events

Group Admins can create and promote special events for group members.

Navigate: Members Panel -> Your Home Page -> “More” Sub Menu (Home Page Navigation Bar) -> Events -> Add Event -> Add New -> Use the drop down (default setting will show “Not a group event) to select the group you wish to post the event to.

Group Events Walk Through

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