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FAQ For Members And Curious Folks:

What Is The Love & Iron Project?

The Love and Iron Project is a private network of individuals and organizations committed to reforming family law, ending parental alienation, and helping each other succeed. 

Who Can Join?

Any person or any organization who shares our values and goals is welcome within our membership. 

Do You Have To Be An Alienated Parent Or Family Law Activist To Join?

Nope. If you have an interest in getting more out of life and enjoying the support of our network to do it, you’re welcome within our community!

However, we ask folks to be mindful that we’re a support and activist organization. There are plenty of venues where the merits of equal shared parenting and parental alienation arguments can be debated. This is not such a venue. Members and accounts deemed disruptive to our support mission may be banned. Please see our member and site rules here.

Is There A Fee To Join?

Currently, there are two membership levels:

Free Membership Plan (No Fees, Ever):

  • All Public Contents
  • Network Registration
  • Account Notifications
  • Social Networking Account
  • Member Search Feature
  • Private Messaging and Chat
  • Community Discussion Forums
  • Member Updates, Reports, and Potential Connection Alerts
  • Legislator Feedback Letter
  • Legacy Points Account

Legacy Key (Currently a once-and-done fee of $39 for a Lifetime Membership):

  • Everything in the Free Plan
  • Strategy & Tactics Notebook
  • “Fundamentals of Strategy” Course
  • Personal Legacy Key Page (To Help You Create and Manage a Plan).
  • Ability To Create and Join Private and Public Groups
  • Group Search Feature
  • Pathfinder’s Private Group (PA Support, Strategy Discussion, Networking, and Project Collaboration)
  • Promote Your Special Projects
  • Legacy Key Holder Special Events, Contests, And Challenges
  • Account flagged internally and throughout the network as a Legacy Lifetime Member.

We’ve done our best to make as many resources as possible available to all members free of charge, but the Legacy Key is the engine that drives the entire project; providing us with the funding needed to grow the network, provide members support and resources, and promote family law reform.

Even if you don’t need to use all the features and resources we’ve provided with the Legacy Key, we hope you’ll consider buying one because it’s not expensive, it helps all of us,  and the financial support it provides allows grow, help members, and harvest political leverage for family law reform.

Besides and who knows, perhaps down the road as we add new features and services, you’ll see something you want to take advantage of and can take comfort in the fact that you’re already locked in to a lifetime membership and can use what ever you want, when ever you want with no more money to pay, ever.

In any case, we’re just happy you’re here no matter what you decide to do.

I'm Involved With Another Child Or Family Centered Cause, Can I Promote Our Organization and Events Here?

Yup, That’s why we’re here! Just let us know how we can help.

Can I Promote My Business Or Free Lance Work Here?

Yes! We encourage our membership to support each other, and that includes who they choose to do business with.

Caveat: Spamming our site and our members is absolutely, positively, 100% NOT allowed and can result in a membership cancellation and site ban. We have a robust set of tools and resources to help you find each other should any needs arise, do not spam the membership. If you have further questions, you can review our site rules here.

How Are You Involved With Family Law Reform?

The Love and Iron Project is actively is focused on generating large-scale publicity for changes to family law, ending parental alienation, and championing for parents and children.

At the local level, we prefer to support individuals and organizations by enabling them with resources, publicity, data, and research

What Support Do You Offer For Parents, Step-Parents, Adult Children, Grand Parents, and Others Who Have Been Affected By Parental Alienation?

One of the most insidious effects of parental alienation is that targeted individuals are left feeling alone, isolated, not heard, and not understood. 

The best support starts with finding and forming relationships with the folks in your area who have, or who are going through the same thing.  We are 100% focused on building local networks in your area so that you can receive help and support from people who understand.  Every new member that registers an account with the network makes it bigger, stronger, and more effective.

Your membership account on our website provides you with a robust set of tools for finding and folks in your area and beyond, creating and joining groups, creating, joining, and promoting special events, and accessing members-only content that presents strategies tailored for targeted individuals.

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