About The Love And Iron Project

The Love and Iron Project is a private network of individuals and organizations from all walks of life committed to ending parental alienation, equal shared parenting law, and defending children against suffering.

We’re about making connections, building relationships, and creating friendships based on shared values and unified commitment to helping each other achieve goals, family law related or not.

We’re actively involved in reforming family law, ending parental alienation and other forms of child abuse, and re-unifying and healing broken parent-child relationships. However, you can join or create a networking group for just about any kind of project, businesses, and cause.


Is The Love and Iron Project Family Law Reform Lobby or Political Action Group?

The L&IP is a network of individuals, causes, groups, and organizations who share the common goals of ending parental alienation and other forms of child abuse, reforming family law, and defending parents and children from abuse and  government over-reach.

In addition, another stated mission our our network is to actively assist in the re-unification and estranged parents and children and enable the healing process between them.

The purpose of our network is to provide and environment and a platform where it’s easier for these interested parties to find each other,  forge relationships, help each other and be helped by each other.

Who Is Eligible For Membership?

The only people who can truly understand what it’s like to suffer parental alienation or be marginalized from the lives of their children or grandchildren because of government are the people who have gone through it.

We are not open to everyone. Rather, we are a private network welcoming all who agree that: (1) A rebuttable presumption of equal shared parenting for separated families is best for parents and children, (2) Parental Alienation is a form of abuse and family violence, and (3) All children deserve to know love. 

We welcome all who share these values, and the Love and Iron Project staff reserves the right to remove any member from this site and our network should they provide, demonstrate, or reveal any behavior or beliefs that contradicts with our rules and principles.

Why Should I Become A Member?

As previously noted we’re private network, not an open one. Our purpose is to provide our members with a supportive environment were they can peacefully pursue their personal and professional goals, family law-related or not:

    • No more having to explain. Connect with like-minded folks who share the same experiences and values, who want the same things you do, and who want to help.

    • Acquire new and supportive personal and professional relationships; globally, nationally, and within your own home town or city.

    • Take a break from the noisy and often toxic social media environment. Focus on your goals, projects, and relationships in an environment that’s clean, calm, and free of the constant trolling and negativity that plagues traditional social media.

    • Utilize the forums, your personal network, groups, or any combination of the three. There is no limit on your friends list, nor is there any limit on group sizes. Organize your projects and relationships in the ways that work best for YOU.

    • Use our network to recruit members with specialized skills to collaborate on your projects, or, give yourself an opportunity to learn new skills with your interesting project ideas.

    • We want whatever venture you’re working on to be successful, and we like for our members to support each other! You’re welcome to promote your business or cause to Love and Iron Project members (providing you do so within the scope of our site rules).

    • Get involved with parental alienation projects and family law reform activities, or work on fun ideas that have nothing to do with either.  We do the heavy lifting, because when you’re active on our site, you organically and automatically generate awareness of PA, FLR, an child suffering. Always wanted to start a travel group? A pottery club? Have a special event you want to promote? Go for it! Because even while you’re enjoying yourself, you’re creating awareness without even trying.

How Does Membership Work?

Well, this is totally up to you and how you decide to utilize our tools and resources:

  • Reports and Updates: Your subscription will also provide you with updates and alerts about current initiatives, goals and progress, and advise you of upcoming member events and opportunities.

  • Forums and Discussion Boards: For the last ten years or so, we’ve relied heavily on social media, private messaging, and personal conversations to help members. The problem with this of course is that any helpful information disappears quickly or is generally unavailable to all members. This is exactly why we created our forums and discussion boards – we want to provide you with a 24-hour, working knowledge base where you can search for answers, ask questions, and stay up to speed on any new developments.

  • Private Network: If you’ve grown tired of all the negativity, bickering, divisiveness, and general toxicity of the social media environment, or if you just want to take a periodic break from it, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve grown weary of it also, so we built our own social network and tailored it specifically to meet the needs and goals of our unique membership. Build your own friends network (we have NO LIMITS on friends lists here), create and share posts, utilize private messages, and receive notifications when people interact with your content right from your personal Love and Iron Project page. You’re in full control of your privacy settings and can choose what you want to share and with whom you want to share it with.

  • Groups: Have a special project in mind? Want to create specialized groups tailored toward specific interests, goals, or initiatives?  Want to create a group to promote your business or cause? You can create as many directory-searchable groups as you want, with no limits on membership, and promote them within our super groups. Group privacy can be set to public, private or hidden, and group administrators can set restrictions who what can be posted and who can invite members. We also have a fully functioning group events manager that you can use to schedule, promote, and book your personal or on-line events (Zoom, etc).

  • Resource Directories: We want to make it easy for members locate legal and counseling services they can trust, and also to provide a way to support and help each other, so we currently have a fully functioning online and searchable member business directory in development – please stay tuned!

I Just Want A Member Subscription, Do I Have To Use Your Website Stuff?


Our website is just at tool to help you make full use of your membership, but you’re not required to use it.

A big difference is that unlike your existing social media accounts, when you use our platform it automatically and organically raises awareness for the issues of parental alienation, family law reform, and child well-being. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you’re working on, when you’re active here, you’re helping, even if it’s for projects unrelated to PA, family law reform, or child-centered causes.

It’s just a super-efficient way for you to be productive with your goals, because even if you’re working on a project for your church, photography club, or your business, or whatever floats your boat, you’re still raising awareness.

You can, in effect, be an activist without having to attend protests, write letters, or argue with people on the internet. That’s the basic idea.  We’re just another arrow in your quiver, not just for activism, but for harvesting the power of our network to help you accomplish all your goals in life. Everything works together to more efficiently advance all your goals.

But if you just want to use the membership subscription, that’s fine too.  Everybody’s needs are different, and we built our membership with total flexibility in mind. Feel free to engage your membership in the ways that work for best for YOU.

I Work With Another Organization, Can I use Your Site To Promote The Work We're Doing and Recruit Members?

Absolutely, YES. Networking is what we’re all about, so groups, causes, and organizations are welcome to promote the work they’re doing and utilize our platform to recruit support. We want your projects to be a success!

A quick note: please respect our policy that appeals for donations or other forms of financial compensation must be constrained to groups and are subject to group admin and/or Love and Iron Project staff discretion.  Spamming with the private and/or public messaging applications is absolutely not permitted and may result in a ban from this site and the network. 

Can I Promote My Business On Your Site?

Yup! We’re a professional and social network committed to helping each other succeed, and you’re more than welcome to promote your business or offers here.

However, the same caveats noted above also apply to businesses. Spamming with the private and/or public messaging applications is not allowed and appeals and promotions within groups are subject to group admin and/or Love and Iron Project staff discretion.

Is There A Love & Iron Project Membership Fee?

Everyone is can register a free Guest Account with the forums and participate on the discussions there free of charge.

Our Private Network Membership subscription and access to our social networking and groups platform requires an annual membership fee, the proceeds of which go to support generating publicity and awareness of PA an FLR, promoting and growing the network, implementing re-unification strategies and healing assistance for alienated parents, children, and family members, improving the user experience and functionality of this site, and creating additional benefit programs and opportunities for members.

One Last Thing!

If you’re still not sure how our network works or how you can use it, don’t worry about it!

The service brand new, and over time you’ll be able to see for yourself how people are using it to create local networks and progress through their projects and goals.

In the mean time, please feel free to check out our membership options, which includes a free plan if that’s what works best for you.

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