Become A Founding Member

Thing is, we don’t sell advertising on the site, we don’t sell your personal data, and we don’t throttle the post visibility of you and your friends, so we gotta keep the lights on somehow.

The good news is we’re currently offering a Founding Members Lifetime Membership for only $19.

Yep, you read that right: a one time payment of nineteen bucks gets you full access to the network for life, and with no more membership fees, EVER.

As A Founding Member, You’ll Receive:

    • Access to the Founding Members Private Group.
    • A Founding Member’s badge displayed on your profile.
    • Unrestricted access to all site features and networking systems.
    • Lifetime membership with no more membership fees, EVER.

We’re not asking for much money, and your membership dues help in a so many ways.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

    • Enabling us to hire the resources we need to improve this site’s functionality, features, and member experiences.
    • Helping us promote and grow the entire network so that you can form genuine relationships, complete your projects, and accomplish your goals.
    • Actively combating parental alienation and other forms of child abuse.
    • Re-unifying alienated children with their estranged parents.
    • Assisting family law reform efforts, causes, and organizations.
    • Supporting child-centered causes and charities.

The point is, you can be assured your membership fee will be directed toward things you can feel good about.  Fair warning, though: Founding Membership packages are limited to the first 1050 members, and once that limit is reached, that’s the end of the special offer.  Full memberships after that will require a monthly or annual membership fee.

Of course, we think our offer is a really good one, but you can always play around with your network page and its capabilities with a free membership before you decide what you want to do.  We’re just happy you’re here regardless of your membership status.