A Call for Hope and Healing

A Call for Hope and Healing

Parental alienation is a manifestation of narcissistic abuse. It is rooted in self-absorption. It is effected with lies, manipulation, and deception. It is greedy, dishonest, and viscous. 

Real love doesn’t force a child to reject one parent in favor of the other. 

It isn’t self-serving, it doesn’t require deception, and it isn’t threatening.

Real love doesn’t cause hurt and it doesn’t abuse children.

We’re not claiming that every absent parent is an alienated parent, or that every parent awarded primary custody is a narcissistic personality. Every family’s situation is different, and we understand that. 

What we’re hoping you’ll do is seek out both sides of the story so that you can decide for yourself what the truth is, and as a result, make the decision that is best for you and your family.

Because there are literally millions of parents ravaged by profound and endless grief each and every single second of every single day simply because they want nothing more out of life than to have a relationship with their children, to share life experiences with them, to be mom or a dad; a grandmother or a granddad. They just want to pour love into their kids and be a part of their lives.

So we hope that for your sake, and for the sake of all the alienated parents and grandparents that you’ll at least consider what we’re challenging you to do.

Lastly, If You're Still Uncertain (Perhaps Even Skeptical) About What Parental Alienation Is, What It Means, And How It Effects Children and Parents:

We understand that you’ve been given you a lot to process, that words on web page can fall short, and that nothing speaks better than real stories, from real people.

If you really want to understand parental alienation and the devastating impact it has on parents, children, and families, we invite you to watch Ginger Gentile’s documentary, “Erasing Family”.

It will be worth your time.

The Love and Iron Project is a network or like-minded people and organizations or committed to the  principle that all children deserve to know they’re loved.

We help each other and we defend children.

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